I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based in Dallas, Texas. I'm an introvert who loves staying home with her cats and Netflix, but I also thrive on connecting with people to tell meaningful stories. I'm also a very detail-oriented person you can feel confident will treat your wedding like it was my own.

I married my first love and high school sweetheart and am crazy about our two cats Milly & Stevie. The little life we’ve built together is what I cherish most in this world. 

I'm madeline!

hello friend


every story deserves to be told, including yours

I believe


anyone who claims they're not a cat person just hasn't met the right cat

I believe


you can never have too much color, embrace it

I believe


memories are worth investing in, both time and money 

I believe

Your gallery will include a perfect mixture of traditional images of everyone smiling at the camera, creative portraits that showcase your personality, and candid moments that represent this day in your life.

I'd love to meet you and hopefully work together. I can't wait to hear your love story and make you shine through pictures.

Love, Madeline!

I'm honored you're considering me to tell your story, and I'd love to tell you a little about my approach. I'm a very hands-on photographer, working to make sure every moment is captured while corralling family, fixing stray hairs, straightening boutineers, helping kids laugh and more.

I believe in taking care of my clients so they can focus on each other and live in the moment while I worry about the photographs.


dear friend

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4. My favorite passtime:


3. my favorite season of the year:

My husband Nick


Dallas, Texas

1. I was born in…

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8. My favorite sitcom is:

How I Met Your Mother

Our kitten Stevie

7. The best gift I've received:

Mac & Cheese

6. My favorite food in the world is:

Broadway Musicals!

5. My nerdy obsession is...


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