wife. cat mom. photographer. romantic.

I'm Madeline, a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Dallas, Texas. Most days you can find me on the couch with a cat on my lap, editing my latest work. I love serving the world by telling stories through imagery that draws you in and makes you feel something. I'm a huge romantic and love creating images that feel romantic and fun! When I'm not working on pretty pictures, you can catch me eating overly-salted popcorn at the movie theater or scrolling through cat videos on Instagram. Sound like we could be friends? Shoot me a message and let's connect!


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I met my husband, Nick, in 8th grade, and we started dating in 10th grade when he asked me to homecoming. We dated for the next 7 years and even did long distance all through college. Then finally, on New Years Eve 2016, he asked me to marry him under the New Year's fireworks. We got married that next fall and now we're living that newlywed life together in DFW with our cat, Milly!

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I'm a very hands-on photographer, working to make sure every moment is captured while corralling family, fixing stray hairs, straightening boutineers, helping kids laugh and more.

Your gallery will include a perfect mixture of traditional images of everyone smiling at the camera, creative portraits that showcase your personality, and candid moments that represent this day in your life.

I would describe my style as vibrant, true-to-life and emotive photojournalism. I embrace real colors in my images and real moments between my clients.

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